Dryland is what we call out-of-the-pool strength training for swimming muscles. Dryland is an integral part of a competitive swimmer’s training program. ​The Delta Aquatics dryland program focuses on improving each swimmer’s all-around athleticism. Like our swim program, our dryland program places heavy emphasis on proper technique and safety, and includes:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Strength, speed and power-building activities
  • Coordination, flexibility and mobility exercises
  • Injury prevention...and, of course,
  • FUN!

For success as a swimmer, it is important to have technical skills, muscular balance, flexibility and core strength. Dryland plays a significant role in the progression of a swimmer to improve performance, with a focus on injury prevention. Our dryland workouts are tailored to the practice groups to account for the age and ability levels of the respective athletes in order to expand athletic function and achieve the best results at competitions, without taking away from any training that takes place in the pool.  We hope to make all of our swimmers better athletes on land so that they can be faster, stronger, and more confident in the water.

We understand that frequency, specificity, and safety must all be addressed when it comes to training. With this in mind, all athletes are encouraged to attend the dryland sessions available to their practice group, if offered. By attending each session and putting in the right effort, athletes are equipped with the tools to see results where they matter the most – at the Championship meet! 


  • Be in the hallway SEATED and ready to go 5 minutes before dryland is scheduled to start.
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Wear appropriate athletic attire, including: 
    • Athletic shoes (closed-toe cross trainers, though running shoes are acceptable)
    • Athletic shorts/shirt
  • If a swimmer comes late to dryland, they are NOT to go through the school looking for their dryland group as the location changes based upon available space that day.

Your athlete’s safety is our number one priority. This means that any athlete that does not wear proper attire will NOT be permitted to train that day! 

FAQ'S Dryland

Who can do dryland?
A separate dryland practice is offered to swimmers in the Senior Prep and Senior groups. The Fundamental, Developmental and Advanced practice groups will complete together our Dynamic Dryland Warm-ups at the start of practice.

Where does dryland take place?
All dryland sessions will take place at Oswego East High School.

When and how often does dryland occur?
Senior Prep occurs two days a week and the Senior Group is held three to four days a week.  Please check the Practice Calendars for your group to view the most up-to-date dryland training schedule.