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**WE ARE HIRING!!** We are always looking for Lifeguards & Swim Lesson Instructors. Check out our Employment Opportunities page for more information. 

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Delta Aquatics Swim Lesson participants will be taught a skill progression to foster a love of the sport while learning an important life skill. All of our lesson levels teach safety, fitness, health and fun. Each level emphasizes proper techniques with attention given to correct body position, movement of arms and legs, breathing and timing of the strokes. Swimmers progress at their own pace and move to more advanced levels once they are competent in all the skills covered in the previous level…no more waiting until the next session to move up! 

Our lessons are designed to offer consistency within a caring, encouraging environment. We teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water and to develop their full potential as athletes and individuals. All children are given the opportunity to excel and advance to our swim team program!

When can my swimmer start group lessons? Children must be three years old before the first day of class. All swimmers must be potty trained. Children should be able to enter the water for each class without a parent or caregiver getting in with them. We expect our swimmers to be ready and willing to positively cooperate in our structured lesson setting. If you are in doubt of your child’s readiness to begin our program, we believe it is best to wait.  

When are group classes offered? Swim lessons run twice a week on a Monday / Wednesday schedule, or a Tuesday / Thursday schedule. Due to home high school meets, the SD308 School Calendar and available pool space, our lessons sometimes vary in number of lessons per month. Classes can vary with 4-8 lessons per month. Take a look at our schedule below and see what works for you!

How long are the classes? Each group class is 30 minutes in length. Private lessons are also 30 minutes in length (when offered).

What is the instructor to swimmer ratio for group lessons? Our Alpha instructor/student ratio is set at 1:3 for all lessons, Beta is a 1:4 ratio and Gamma levels may have a 1:6 ratio. Some classes may have smaller ratios if registration is not full. We must have a minimum of 3 registered students to run a class. Should we need to cancel a class due to lack of enrollment, we will make every effort to transfer your child into another class. If we are unable to transfer your registration, a full credit will be issued. Class size is limited, so if a specific day and time are needed to fit your schedule, we strongly recommend that you register early on the first day of registration.

What are the costs? 

Group classes are prorated based on the number of lessons per month using 8 lessons = $160 as the guide. Ex. 4 lessons = $80, 6 lessons = $120, etc.

Private lessons are not currently available therefore no pricing is available.

Every swimmer in the program (group lessons or private lessons) has a $25 administrative annual registration fee. ​This non-refundable registration fee of $25 per swimmer is charged when a child is first enrolled in the program, regardless of the time of year. It is then charged annually when a child is registered again after the anniversary date. This is an annual fee which covers the administrative costs of processing each child’s enrollment and liability insurance for each child’s participation in swim lessons at Delta.

We believe that your investment of both time and money in your child’s swimming should be a wise one. We also believe that at the completion of a lesson progression, your child should have as many options in aquatics as possible. Whether it be basic survival skills, lifelong aquatic comfort in recreational aquatic activities, a lifetime of productive aquatic fitness, or even possible participation in our competitive swim team, your child should learn from those that can best accommodate these potential options. We are confident that our “goal oriented” program and motivational instructors provide your best value in your swimming investment.

Do you offer refunds? Due to high demand and our limited enrollment, only medical emergency situations with a doctors note will be considered for a refund, less the $25 non-refundable registration fee. In the event your child misses more than one half of the scheduled lessons due to illness, credits for the next session will be provided only if a physician's note is submitted.  This note must specifically reference the days missed and it must be turned in prior to the end of the session.

Do you offer make-up classes? We do not offer any make-ups for a student's lesson absence. Class spots are limited, and instructors are hired based on your enrollment commitment. Should we have to unexpectedly cancel a class, a make-up class will be announced, or your account will be issued a credit for the lesson. 

We recommend that all students have goggles for their classes. Swimmers are encouraged to not wear swim shirts. Swimmers with long hair will need to tie it up or wear a cap and we ask that girls wear a one piece or tankini style suit.

Important Update: Like many businesses, we are currently experiencing a staffing shortage with our Swim Lesson program. As a result, we have had to limit the number of spaces available in our classes. We will continue to hire new instructors as they become available. If you are interested in swim lessons, sign up for the wait list for your preferred time and we will contact you if/when additional staff are hired and we are able to open more spaces. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Step 1: Identify the lesson level your swimmer would best be placed in based upon their current swim knowledge and skill level.

Delta Aquatics Swim Lesson Levels

Alpha - for newer swimmers who still need support in the water. Swimmers at this level will be working on being comfortable in the water and beginning to move through the water.

Beta - for swimmers who are comfortable in the water, but do not yet know swimming strokes. Swimmers at this level will work on learning freestyle with proper breathing, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly kicks and building endurance. 

Gamma - for swimmers who know freestyle and backstroke along with breaststroke and butterfly kicks, but don't quite feel ready for a swim team. Swimmers at this level will work on starts and turns, building endurance and refining technique for all 4 competitive strokes

Note: All new swimmers will be tested on the first day of class to ensure they are in the correct level.

Step 2: Learn about our Swim Lesson program. Review the information in the links below so you are prepared with all necessary information about our lessons prior to registering. 

Review the Lesson FAQs
Policies & Procedures 

Check out our Swim Lessons Schedule that includes upcoming registration and class dates so you can cross reference with your schedule.

Step 3: Registration for lessons opens at 8:00am on the 15th of the month for the next month. Lesson registration occurs on a first come-first serve basis. Swimmers must be registered before attending lessons. It is possible that lessons will fill up, in that case, please register for the waiting list. 

Make sure to write down what you classes you registered for & mark your calendar with your class dates and the dates there are no lessons.


Email our Swim Lesson Coordinator if you have questions before completing registration.